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Notary Public, Surety BailBondsman, College Consultant

Certified and commissioned notary public by the NC Department of The Secretary of State  professional 24-hour notary service in North Carolina.

Think of a Notary as you do your Doctor ...Call On Me when you need Professional service.

InHouseofLove"Can-Do-It Attitude" is Friendly, Outgoing, Helpful, Sincere, Sensitive, Understanding and Compassionate:

  • Interact well with the ill and elderly (many Notaries would rather avoid).
  • Confident (Notarization & Bail Bondsman ).
  • By being on call at all hours to the legal/bail bond community servicing jail and detention centers.

Integrity & Honor

 "I took an oath not to Break or Bend the rules (laws). I will keep the Public trust with exactness." 

We maintain a  delicate balance but strict policy in total confidentiality  on such occasions that are private/sensitive affairs. 

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